May's Favorite things and a New Designer: Kendra Scott

My fabulous sister is the author of the wonderfully inspiring blog Swirls of Happy.  Her recent post on color found HERE left me thinking about one of my newest favorites whom is a designer who uses COLOR! I was quickly inspired to write about her,  Kendra Scott.  Her Color wheel is genius, and she is just as adorable as one can get.  Check out her delicious designs on this link: Click Me  Kendra recently did a makeover and a dream wedding for a bride and her husband to be whom has been deployed in the service. She featured the giveaway on the Rachel Ray show. Needless to say my eyes were filled with tears, it was a very sweet and kind gesture.  You can read and watch the video about this all American couple and fabulous designer  HERE.  Onto the Favorites!  Every month I will post a list of my current favorites. Here are May's:

  • The new OPI color "Sparrow me the Drama" from their summer collection. It is a perfect pink-purple-nude color.

    I still can't get enough of these versatile dresses since last season.. They are comfy, and chic, and can be layered with a cardigan and a waist belt. So fab!
    Lip Stain in "passion".  I have been going sans makeup in this heat and if I apply this pink color and a coat of mascara I am good to go.  Plus its only $7!  Beauty Bargain!
    This past four months I joined a Modern dance group.  The teacher was amazing, inspiring, and tough.  I constantly had bruises, pulled muscles, and tore my body apart.  It was one of the most physically challenging things I've done (even more than my triathlon), as it used muscles, poise, and concentration I did not know I had.  It was a fabulous class and it enabled me to do something for my artistic outlet.
    I LOVE my usual "creamy nutmeg" candle but for the summer I like something fresh and this is my go to scent for our home. (Plus how happy is this color)! The Caribbean escape is wonderful also and comes in a Pink hue.
    I am in LOVE with this cream formula from MAC.  This color is Posey and gives my cheeks a moisture surge of pinky perfect color for the summer. Thank you MAC
    I am a follower of the Stilla tinted moisturizer but during my wedding I found this little number.  It Illuminates to a pearl finish and also primes my skin for my bare esenctuals.  It is a MUST in my make up bag.  You can get it HERE
    Paradise Bakery...Ahhh...How I love thee.  Their Sesame chicken salad with a side of fire roasted tomato soup is my go to dinner with the kiddos when the Hubs is traveling for work.  I can't go through my week without making two stops (yes two a week) to pick up their lemon zester cookie and plain sugar cookie. Heaven on earth.  I have a mock recipe for these that I will be trying this weekend and will post how it turns out!
    Mary Pope Osborne is a genius children's writer and has got my boys hooked!  Jerron is so into these books and can't put them down!  He currently just bought the newest book "The crazy day of the Cobra" at his school's book fair.  After each book he finishes he gets to choose a restaurant to go to on a family date.  I love that he loves to read! (and that he chooses yummy restaurants! Pei Wei, Paradise, Red Robin, Oregano's) He definitely has his mommas sense of food. Go grab some of the books in this series for your kiddos.
      This new family favorite.  Giada's Chicken Pastina...Find the recipe HERE It's so easy and delish. The hubby and kids adore it.

    • Hands Down the BEST moisturizer ever!  They have an entire line of skincare that I am an avid believer in.  I personally use the foaming cleanser, AM lotion (which contains 30spf), PM lotion at night and the Cerave cream on my gams and feet. The regular body lotion is fabulous too for daily care.  Jerron my 8 year old has the worst eczema and if I lather him up head to toe with the cream he never has breakouts, and his current dry skin patches are dramatically improving.  The best part is you can grab it at CVS or Walgreens and it is inexpensive at $10-$20 depending on the product!  Yeah! 


      My Trader Joes Herb Garden.  This cute little herb garden comes in a hand crafted wooden planter with three slots for Basil, Italian Parsley, and Thyme.  Its perfect in my kitchen and I adore cooking with fresh herbs, plus the kiddies have fun taking care of it!

      Popcorn Indiana is a fav snack in our home. I carry the single serve bags in my purse at all times. Our family favorites are the kettle corn, cinna sugar, and aged white cheddar.  Even better is they are all natural. Now that is Yummy!


    1. ok, We are sisters! I love that popcorn! And my kids love it. The Cinnamon Sugar is my fav. And I Love OPI.. And thx for the other great finds. I need the Trader Joes herb garden! Love you!

    2. That candle and lemon zesters are the best.

    3. Love your garden we didn't get one planted this year and I am a little sad.

    4. Totally making that pasta this week. BTW!!!

    5. I LOVE Slatkin & CO! They are a fave in the Munguia household. Enjoy your week Brooke! xo