A Top Bun! Why Yes Please!

Why HELLO there All you fab readers!  I;m back and refreshed.  Well not totally, considering a vacay with kids is a blast, but lets face it not really a "restful" vacay.  Never the less it was fun and a much needed time for fam bonding.  On the subject of all things fun, don't you adore a top knot? I Love me a great, tousled top bun!  It is my go to hairstyle on busy days, windy days, and when I want a fresh face to show through.  It is effortless and easy if it's done right.  If you need hairspray, lots of time, and a back comb then you are doing it ALL WRONG!  A top bun should look like you threw it up and headed out the door, not like you spent an hour on it.  Take some inspiration from the photos below and get your bun on ladies.  It especially looks chic with a scarf and some great earrings in the fall.  XOXO
LOVE! Major DO! It's Messy yet Pretty

DON'T Way to perfectly placed

Gorgeous!  Def a DO!  Love the misplaced wisps of hair.

A Super DON'T!  Looks looks way to polished and coiffed.  Eek!

Ahhh Lovely!  A DO!  Perfectly "undone"
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  1. Totally agree..I hate the too perfect ones. The messier, the better!!!