Some Fall Goodies

Hello Dolls!!!  Aren't you LOVING this weather here in AZ?  The overcast days are really making me excited for the fall.  I am so glad it is here.  I have been baking up a storm and have probably gained a few pounds as proof!  On Sunday I made peach cobbler... oh man was it divine, thanks to my mom for sending over fresh peaches from Utah.  The warm cobbler with the cold vanilla bean ice cream was just amazing.  Find the recipe HERE.  I also made homemade rolls on Sunday for company.  We had some of the Hubs buddies over for dinner that were in town.  I wish I could share THAT recipe with you...however it is my mom's, and a family treasure.  It really is gold, the best rolls you will ever taste.  Today I made pumpkin bread and that too is amazing!  I will post that recipe very soon... I have tried many MANY pumpkin bread recipes, and this one is just the BEST.. truly the GREATEST!  Okay, enough about food, even though I could talk food all day!  Onto some other deliciousness...fall wardrobes!  Oh yeah baby. Boots, cardi's, jeans, layering, scarves, trench coats, over sized sweaters...I'm in heaven and GAP has some great fall finds.   They are giving 30% off your order today so head on over HERE and enjoy some fabulous fall threads!  Boom!  Don't forget to use the code 48hours at checkout!  Enjoy your Tuesday loves. 

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  1. Im sure you did not gain 1 pound! you are to fuuny! I love the over cast days, not the hot temps.. PLEASE cool down so we can ware fall clothes!!! :) I dont like family recipes that are secret. Share the Love is what I say! :) And I love pumpkin bread. Any thing pumpkin for that matter. :) _Kelly