Book Page Decor

Happy Friday... Oh me Oh my how I love Friday!  My boys come home with NO homework, I get to look forward to weekends with the hubs, playing with my kids instead of being chauffeur and I get to catch up on MY to do lists, not everyone elses.  I just LOVE Fridays!  You know what else makes me happy? Books!  I love reading, I love looking at old books with worn covers, I love even smelling books.  Weird? Maybe.  When my boys come home with their library books I love to open them and sniff the pages... I know that sounds crazy right? wait. Don't answer that...but seriously, does anybody else know what I'm talking about?  Books, especially older ones just have a smell to them that is awesome. Okay now that you all think I'm nutty let me get to my point...Books, their pages in particular posses so much character whats not to love.  My mother is an avid reader, book collector, and has selves upon shelves of all the classics.  I'm sure that's where my love comes from.  But when you open a book, the words are worn, the pages fade from white to cream to yellow and almost brown at the edges, there ageing only increasing their delight fullness...ahhh... so decorating with book pages is genius!!!! I was in heaven going through some inspirational photos on clever ways to decorate with book pages.  I hope you enjoy! 
Have an absolutely amazing weekend!

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  1. I LOVE OLD BOOKS! Are you much of a book reader/collecter yourself? Any favorites? Do you get old thrift store books for this sort of thing?