Fashion Foward Friday - "The Layered Look"

It's Friday!  I'm singing a song about that one.  I get to babysit my cute nephews tonight, and I can hardly wait.  Captain Character and Mr. Happy Pants love having their cousins over.  We are going to have some fun making homemade bouncy balls, eating NY style pizza (must be folded), and whipping up some cookies.  We might even have a dance party if I'm feeling crazy enough... but I am crazy so that is a most likely possibility.  Anyway,  I have a GREAT look book for you today in the fashion dept.  Layers.  One word, great look.  I ADORE anything layered.  Layered cake, layered salad, layered necklaces, layered linens, layered clothing, layered photos, you catch my drift.  I gathered up some of my fav layered looks for Fashion Friday.  Enjoy Ladies! 
I hope your weekend is full of fun and happiness, and if it's not, well that's relative, so make it happen!  XOXO - B
Even though she is hardly warm in spirit, Olivia often gets it right!

Over sized watch + Bangles = Perfection

Simplistically divine

Stellar for Fall with motorcycle boots.  Yes please!

My everyday go to outfit in the fall. Comfy and chic.

I have this skirt, and I Love it!

Soooo right.  Love the nude heels and pulled back hair to offset the layers.
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  1. My list for this fall: Nude Pumps, motorcycle boots, and wearing all my shorts with tights! YES!!!

  2. You have the cutest blog! I love it :)

  3. I agree! love Layers! give me lots of layers this fall! AZ weather please cool off so we can wear cute clothes this fall and winter!!! we dont want to sweat wearing all those fun layers. Bring on the boots.
    I need to find some cute riding boots and fun scarfs. ~Kelly