A little something different and some Monogram Wreaths

Nine days.  It's true.  It has been nice days since my last post. I know, I know, I know....I've neglected my blog for a long time now.  Going out of town mixed with being the room mom in both my kids classes, their sports, and my semester at school life is CRAZY!  I have made a commitment, however, to be better about my daily blog posts. I think one reason why is I haven't been happy about the limitations I set on myself to blog in specific categories daily.  Sometimes I want to blog about motherhood, on a Tuesday, or a recipe on a Friday, ya know?!  So I have decided to blog about what ever is inspiring me that day!  So lucky for you it will be a surprise on what I'm posting about.  But I digress... enough about myself...Okay so today's post is about something I have been swooning over for awhile.  I love anything Monogram because it shows a personal element to an item.  On that note these monogram wreaths are fantastic!  They are so easy to do yourself, and allow plenty of room for creativity. Enjoy and I hope you get some inspiration! 


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