The Beauty Bag Thursday - "My Beauty Bag"

Hello Lovely Ladies!  I am a beauty junkie.  It's true.  My husband gave me the medicine cabinet and all the drawers in our bathroom to house my array of boot loot.  Out of all my product here is a list of my MUSTS! These are always in stock in my Beauty bag.  I can't live without these products.  You might need to just pick some up for yourself today!  These are goodies! Enjoy your Thursday!
A wonderful cheek and lip stain for instant color!

The perfect eye brightener,  I place on inner rims, and below my eyes.

An amazing Primer

Can't live without my powder cover up!

This dry shampoo smells Ah-mazing and dries clear, not white!

I prefer the hot pink color, and pouts up my pucker perfectly!

Created for the inner rim of the eyelid, it doesn't wear off, ever!

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  1. I use the other Oscar Blandi dry shampoo but I want to get this one that dries clear ASAP!! Awesome!! Thanks for sharing ;)