All American Past time...Baseball!

When I think of Baseball I think of all American, hot dogs, warm weather, and summer evening.  With the fourth of July coming up I thought it would be appropriate to get everyone in the patriotic spirit.  My Husband used to play for the Toronto Blue Jays so baseball is huge at our house.  My boys love it and my hubby lives it.  For fathers day we took my Dad and Momma to the "old ballgame".  We enjoyed hot dogs, popcorn, and a beautiful summer evening.  Play Ball Y'all!

This is a vintage baseball wedding, and the crackerjack favor is just adorable.

The boys being...well BOYS! And having fun with Grandma and Grandpa.

I love the simplicity of the sandwiches for the kiddos, and those umbrellas are just too precious!
A perfect Patriotic tee for my boys via JCrew
A fitting dress for the Fourth from Anthro. Lovely

The Hubbs and I enjoying the Game.

K Moss is the Only woman who could pull these pants off.

The water, cute Pooch, and Espadrilles... Ah...Love!


  1. Great pics - we love baseball too, my parents had to wait until June to get married (that is when baseball season at MCC was over:)

  2. I really LOVED this post!!!! That little boy tee and that anthro dress are perfection :) YUM!

  3. How fun! I love baseball, too. You and your hubs are adorable together!