Tasteful Tuesday - "Lemon Zester Cookie"

I have a love affair with paradise Bakery's Lemon Zester cookie.  It's true.  I eat there every night with my kiddos when my hubby is away on business which is weekly.  I stop in JUST for a cookie all the time, and I Can not get enough of the seasonal Lemon Zester cookie. It is SUBLIME. In fact I attended a wedding that featured these babies on the dessert bar.  I ate 5, in place of wedding cake which I usually die for.  Actually I go to weddings for the sole purpose of indulging in wedding cake... so that says A LOT that I chose the cookies instead (I did however nibble on my son's cake also, just keepin in real people).  I digress... My amazing and beautiful friend Kelly came back from California today and lovingly brought be a huge bag of real homegrown California lemon that are stunning, huge, and sooo fragrant.  I immediately decided to make a batch of "Lemon zester cookies".  After much research, this recipe looked the best to me.  I hope you enjoy!  Get the recipe HERE

I used my cookie scoop and got 2 dozen. 
It took 2 large lemons to get 1/4 cup of the juice
I added 4 drops of yellow food coloring for eye appeal. 
I baked the cookies for 10 minutes because I prefer a very soft cookie, I would set the timer for 10 and keep checking them until you reach the full 12 minute cooking time.
I didn't think these turned out like Paradise Bakery's however they are good.


  1. Oh my lovely lemon do I love you!!! MMMMM. Can't wait to try this recipe out!!! Xo

  2. They were so Yummy! Thank you! I am so glad you LOVED and USED the Lemons! xo , Kelly