The Daily Blog Round Up

I am ready to dive into all things that are wonderful about Blogging.  There is so much creativity, deliciousness, inspiration, and beauty out there that just must be shared!  Here is the round up for my blog.  Daily I will have a new post in a specific category by day.  Please come back daily for your fix, or if you prefer on the days a favorite subject is featured.  Here is the Lineup:
  • Monday - "Momma Monday" (Every Monday will feature an idea, craft, or simplifying tip, too name a few, for those moms, or any woman out there who loves frugal tips and awesome clever ideas)
  • Tuesday - "Tasteful Tuesday" (Every Tuesday I will feature a new favorite recipe for your collection)
  • Wednesday - "Whimsical Wednesday" (Every Wednesday I will feature an inspirational idea for interior design, or party decorating)
  • Thursday - "The Beauty Bag Thursday" (Thursday will be devoted to beauty junkies who love their beauty tips, tricks, and award winning products)
  • Friday - "Fashion Forward Friday" - (Every Friday will feature fabulous fashion finds, and great tips for your wardrobe)
  • Saturday - "Sublime Saturday" - (On Saturdays there will be a random post of anything that is catching my eye from a recipe, a new website, a new designer, or even a journal entry, this will randomness at it's finest)
  • Sunday - "Spiritual Sunday" - (Sunday will feature an inspirational quote, story, or other media to uplift your day and the upcoming week, and hopefully help us all strive to be the best individuals we can be)

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