The Beauty Bag Thursday - "Beautiful Blessings"

Hello Loves! So for the Beauty Bag Thursday I have a different approach today.  Many products from the Beauty land can help us achieve our personal best.  I mean lets be honest, without my Chi iron I would look like a frizzy ball poodle, and without my Tarte eyebrow pencil well... My eyebrows would be a tad scary.  My Clarasonic Skin brush keeps my face dry skin free, and I couldn't live without my Bare Minerals.  Yes the Beauty world does indeed help us look our best... However so does remembering our blessings, giving service, being generous and nurturing to others and doing what makes us happy. When we remember those around us and show love and gratitude that spiritual goodness shines through.  Out inward souls really do create that outward beauty.  So, For the next few days I will be enjoying my blessings (that are my children and Husband) and spending every second with them playing and giving them my time.  The Hubs took the rest of the week off and we are going to have some quality family time.  So blogging world I will resume blogging on Monday, and until then I will be thriving in the time I have with my loves, and enjoying the beauty they bring to my life and soul.  Enjoy you weekend and be grateful for your blessings.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this post. Enjoy your fam and the next few days!!!

  2. Can I just say that I am SERIOUSLY taken aback by the fact that I am under your "Domestic Divinity" section with... MARTHA STEWART?!?! Not in a million years did I EVER think I'd be linked under the same ANYTHING with her! *AWESOMEEEEE* (sung in an operatic tone)