The Beauty Bag Thursday - "Natural Beauty through feel good Endorphines"

Good day!  So I have a question... Do you ever notice how beauty radiates on an individuals face when they are doing something they have a passion for?  Well my humble observation is that when someone is doing something they enjoy bliss sets in and creeps the corners of the mouth upward.  This immediately tightens the skin, creates a smile and a sparkle in the eye.   It's the truth.  I think that is why motherhood is so beautiful on most women.  We have purpose when raising and tending to kids, therefore a rundown, tired momma even has a glow.  This is also true when doing something physical.  A bike ride can immediately create windblown, natural waves and send a rush of endorphins to the brain.  Running through a Field of flowers sends color to the cheeks and lightens the soul.  Being fit and active however, is not always easy.  Especially when your a mom and have many other hats too wear daily.  So if doing activities that make you joyful create inner beauty that shines outward, and being active also creates a healthy glow, why not do both, at the same time!  I say get active with your kiddos and play soccer or a game of tag. Or how about dance in the kitchen with your babes or your hubby. Laughing with a girlfriend while doing errands is a feel good and active time as well.   Endorphins are released when we are happy, and moving  (you know the feel good natural drug your brain releases).  I constantly have my ear buds in my ears while I'm moving around the house dancing.  I sing, shake my booty and move around while I unload groceries, clean, put away laundry, or even cook dinner.  If the kiddos are home I put our jams on the speakers and they join in!  It's fun, gets everyone laughing (mostly at my expense, but I don't care) and it burns calories at the same time.  That great hormone will be released and those endorphins will replace bad hormones like cortisol which is released by stress and lack of sleep and is stored in your belly as FAT.  Get up and move ladies and do something you LOVE!   Sounds easy enough right? well it is!!!!  A few months ago I took  a modern dance class to challenge myself.  I cursed under my breath every Monday and Wednesday as i drove to meet Miss Cherie and her tights.  Oh man was she tough, but I honestly was in the best shape of my life while dancing to her constant commands "relive', plie', leap!, floor fall, Point!" It was unrelenting for an hour but always left me happier then I woke up.  Got get your groove on you beautiful ladies and enjoy a more toned version of you. Not only will your soul be happy, that happiness will shine through as beauty, and make your heart healthy too, now that is natural beauty at it's purest form, and that is definitely priceless.  Make today a great one Dolls!

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