Momma Monday - "Mom approved on the go Snacks"

It's Monday!  Did anybody Else's weekend just fly by?  Wow!  Here is to another week.   So now that school is back in session I wanted to share  two of our favorite on the go snacks that mom actually approves of. I'm talking snacks that are full of goodness that get us through busy school days.  The first one is Kids Cliff Bars.  My boys devour these bars of wholesome nutrition, and I am left feeling satisfied they are getting protein, vitamins and organic grains in their little bodies.   Their favorite is the Chocolate Brownie and the Chocolate Chip.  Costco sells them in bulk (LOVE Costco) and I pack them everyday in the boys backpack.  They are loaded with fiber, have a chocolate gooey taste and they are all natural.  Need I say more?  Plus they are Delish!  My hubs even eats them before he hits the gym for a quick energy boost!  Secondly The Go squeeze applesauce packs (also at Costco) are a lifesaver!  I have these stashed in the kids lunch everyday, and I even tote at least 3 at a time in my purse (aka my lifeline).  These are squeezable fun in a pouch that needs no spoon!  Again these are all natural applesauce packs that have no added or refined sugar, no artificial anything, and they are chalk full of vitamin C, A and fiber.  They count as a fruit serving and are the most convenient snack around!  Now my on the go snack of choice was introduced to me from my bff.  The Luna bar.   Oh My.  The lemon zest flavor is too die for.  They are made especially for women with folic acid, calcium, fiber, and all the vitamins we need.  They are high in protein and low in calories.  I also stash these in my car and purse and eat them everyday between meals.  They are great for prego mamma's as well, being high in folic acid.  Mommas need energy too during the school year!!!  On another note I picked up some adorable pirate themed lunch containers in the dollar section at target.  They are so cute, and I also scored some cupcake holders shaped as a cupcake.  I packed the boys cupcakes in their lunch for dessert the second day of school in these just so I could use them!  I adore cute lunch containers and it just seems to make the kiddos lunch a little more fun.  One last thing... Please always include a note in your kiddos backpack, on their snack, or in their lunch.  Pottery Barn kids has the cutest premade notes with riddles on them that kids can share with their friends at lunch.  Genius!  Enjoy your Monday Loves! 


Mr. HappyPants

Captain Character


  1. We are on the same wavelength;) My girls are addicts to both of those, and it's hurting my grocery budget. They will eat them non-stop. I am going to try the lemon Luna Bar. I also love love the Larabar's. Love your posts, so thanks for sharing with us all!

  2. Awwe how sweet, I made it in a post! Love you BFF! And Love the cute ideas!
    Luna Bars save me! And my boys love the squeze Apple sauce. (I do too) :)
    I need to go to target and look in the $1 section. I love cute lunch stuff. xoxo, Kelly