Whimsical Wednesday - "DIY CakeStand"

Happy Wednesday darlings!  I have a confession.  I am IN LOVE with something else besides my hubby.  It is cake stands.  Oh how I love a stunning pedestal cake stand.  I am always thinking of creative ways to use these lovely culinary display pieces in other ways besides to perch cake upon.  I really am enamored with them.  The other day I came across this idea from the Rachel ray show featuring budget friendly party planning.  Get ready ladies it's brilliant... a DIY cake stand made from a plate and candlestick!  Yes, really, it's that simple and it looks amazing. 

I love the white clean plate with the pop of color on the stand.

This is so vintage looking yet elegant.  LOVE

Pie plates are brilliant for this idea

You will need:
  • Gorilla glue or other strong glue
  • plate
  • candlestick or Goblet
  • Spray Paint
Now simply Paint the parts of your cake stand you want to paint.  Let dry completely. Now apply a large amount of gorilla glue to the top of the candlestick and place in the middle of a turned over plate.  Place a heavy book on top to help the pieces adhere and let dry 24 hrs. Voila!  An inexpensive, one of a kind, vintage looking cake stand. You could even go all out and get pretty with Ribbon, a Monogram letter, or even make it tiered.  The possibilities are endless.  I plan on making a three tiered beauty for my kitchen island.  Just make sure you always hand wash your cake stands.
 Enjoy Pretty ladies, and have a perfect day!
The goblet adds a unique weighted base.  Perfect!


  1. um hi, the best idea ever! I love the pie tins idea!!!

  2. I Too LOVE the pie plate one! I have seen this done before, and have always wanted to do it!

  3. Sooo cute!! I collect cake stands so I will have to make these what a great idea! Cute blog Brooke, miss seeing you!