The Beauty Bag Thursday - Skin Savior

Being comfortable in your skin can have many meanings.  It can mean being confident, having a positive self outlook, and also it can be defined as literally being comfortable, as in not having an oily or itchy feeling on your skin.  Look no further to feel comfortable in your own skin both literally and figuratively.  I introduce to you such a great product it should be a secret.  Luckily for me my husband works in the dermatologist field so he brings home lots of great products.  I have mentioned one of my favorites before Cerave... My skin never had it so good until I used Cerave cleanser and lotion.  Anyways, the other day he brought home Skin Cueticals sunscreen fluid.  A fluid I said ? I was skeptical.  It's SPF 50 but I had been on a search for an effective, potent, new facial sunscreen.  I tried it.  WOW!!!!! It is indeed a fluid, and a tinted one at that.  I don't even have to wear my mineral makeup.  It seeps seamlessly into your pores, leaving a sheer tinted powder finish.  My skin is protected and left luminous.  I layer Stilla tinted moisturizer on top and my skin is good to go without makeup that would otherwise melt in this 115 degree summer heat.  This sunscreen has been featured in Allure and Glamour as editor favorites.  Go get some asap and feel good in and about your skin! 
PS, you can only purchase in your Derms office, but it does not require an RX.  Or you can purchase online HERE or from Amazon
Enjoy your new skin!  XOXO and have a thrilling Thursday Lovelies!


  1. I loved this post and you described that sunscreen so lovely that now I HAVE to HAVE IT!!! You do have great skin, so maybe this is the trick for! Thanks for the beauty bag thursday :)

  2. This is the 2nd time today I have heard about Cerave (i had never heard of it before crazy how stuff like that happens) I'm going to have to try it now that YOU said it was good ;)

  3. I a self proclaimed skincare junkie, love peels, lasers, love it all....I live by the rule never leave the house with house sunblock on your face and backs of hands!