Fashion Foward Friday - "White Wash"

In my opinion there is nothing more classic for summer,as far as fashion is concerned, than a white dress.  Long, short, linen, gauze, cotton, silk, poplin... any fabric or cut, a white dress is best for any summer occasion.  With a few months left of our sunny summertime I plan on wearing white a great deal. 
Happy Friday Lovely Ladies, make it a Fabulous one! 

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  1. Gorgeous images!!! That third one is from blog, and it is one of my fav blogs....she has the best care free style! Love this post and of course, WHITE!!!!! #1, 4, and 5 are my favs!!

  2. the beach one is the best, maybe because I want to go back to the ocean because it is so dang hot here. I love white but with kids I can never ever keep it clean for long :)

  3. this is such a pretty post