Whimsical Wednesday - Toy room storage

Hello Darlings.  Toy storage has been on my mind as of recent due to the kiddos being home all summer, and the addition of a few new Lego sets.  By the way does any other mama out there have a kiddo who LOVES Lego Hero Factory Bionicles?  The new 3.0 series just came out, so we made a trip yesterday to the Lego store with my sister over at Swirls of Happy, and all four of our boys.  My oh my were those boys overly ecstatic.  Anyway, we personally do not have a toy room, because our extra room is currently vacant waiting for a little angel that will hopefully join out family in the next year or so (no, not preggo yet)!  Due to this we have the Ikea expedit storage cabinet that is PERFECT for toy storage.  We have the largest size and it truly is a godsend for an organized freak like me.  I have been working on cute little labels for all the bins and I will post photos as soon as I am done with this DIY project.  In the meantime though enjoy these toy storage solutions that are simple divine!  XOXO loves!  Make today a Happy Day!

The casters on these rustic wooden boxes are brilliant! 
Free printable labels from sissyprints.  I Love the industrial yet playful look of these!  Find them HERE
The numbered baskets are genius, and easy for kids to memorize
Chalkboard labels are always a DO and easy to make.


  1. I STILL need to make a trip over to ikea and get those storage shelves. Im over my "play room" I just want a few toys. ;) And My boys are obsessed with Legos. Hopefully some of your organizing skills will rub of on me.. I need to do some cleaning out and get my house in order! ~KS

  2. Love the tin useful with such a great vintage vibe!!