"Momma Monday" - Job Chart

It is never too early for kiddos to learn the trait of hard work and the great feeling of accomplishment.  My boys adore their chore chart.  They look forward to each evening when they can check off their jobs that were done and see their progress!  I personally do a money reward system because my soon to be nine year old has a lengthy toy and video game list that he is always saving for; and my six year old likes to save his money for Hot Wheels Tracks.  I also like using money because it teaches the boys to save and how good it feels to work toward something.  Plus I always have the boys set aside a certain percent of their earnings toward paying a church tithing.  This also teaches the boys the law of sacrifice and helping others (as often that church money goes to helping the less fortunate).  I adore the online job chart website that allows my kids to clock in their jobs well done via the computer.  There is no papers to keep track off and my boys love being on the computer. Click HERE to get your FREE online Job chart.  It's really a neat website.  You can customize the rewards to fit your families specific needs, and more than one child can be on your account.  Have fun with your sweeties!


  1. Love this and love "momma Mondays"! I need to start this with Capt. Crazy :) XO

  2. You're blog is so adorable! I love the background!
    THanks so much for visiting me!

  3. okay so with a little girl on the way i have been thinking about how im going to raise my children and how to teach them important things just like this! i will definately have to remember it! kids are so spoiled these days and do NOTHING!! good on ya for teaching your kids how to work!

  4. Such a great Idea! I had no idea a free online job chart excisted! Amen Brooke!
    I missed your Sunday blog! :( I needed some uplifting from my friend.. :)
    Cant wait for our week of playing next week. Pleae be free. Love ya.
    Ps. I dont know why every one else's blog lets me post using my act.. but on yours i have to post anonymous. Strange. Love, KS

  5. I am a big fan of job charts, thanks for the link! Check out

  6. Thank you Mrs. T! XOXO
    Katrina, your soooo right! Kiddos are to lazy now a days!
    KS! I have a good reason for missing my SUnday post... I was trying to be "in the moment with the kids all day, after that RS lesson! I'm excited to play too!