Momma Monday - "It's all about the sandwich"

It's back to school time and that means sack lunches!  My kids do not like to buy school lunch unless it is pizza or chicken nuggets, so I almost always pack their lunch.  My boys are also picky eaters as I have mentioned before so I like to pack "mommy's lunch" anyhow so I make sure they are getting food they WILL eat to keep them fueled all day.  Below I have posted some fun ideas to make sack lunch sandwiches a little more fun. 
Sandwich Tips:
  • Try and always use 100% natural Peanut butter, and make your own low sugar strawberry jam so it is preservative free (and takes soooo much yummier)
  •   Load up sandwich goods on Aspen Valley whole grain bread with omega 3 and flax (Find it at Costco in bulk, I always freeze bulk loaves and defrost in fridge when needed)  
  • Use cookie cutters or sandwich cutters to make lunch exciting and put a smile on your kiddos face.  I own sandwich cutters which are sized to fit a bread slice perfectly so there is no waste of food.  They are adorable.  We own the dinosaur, and heart shaped one.  You can purchase your own HERE, compliments of Pottery Barn Kids.
  • Cut sandwiches into stripes and name them sandwich fingers.  Add a dipping sauce such as ranch for turkey, honey for PB&J, and honey mustard for Ham and cheese.  Kids will love dunking these fingers!  My boys gobble them up.
  • Don't forget a note from Mom or Dad or a sibling.  A simple note makes homesickness go away!
  • Always pack a little something sweet, We all need a little sweetness! I often add a Hershey kiss, or a Hershey's miniature candy bar.

This Sandwich on a stick is adorable.  Click here for the Recipe
All kids love crackers.  Pack some whole wheat crackers and lots of toppings so kiddos can create their own!  VIA


This is almost to cute to eat!  Make this with a Nutella and sliced banana filling add teddy grahams on the sideVIA

Love this!  It's beyond precious, and delish!  I adore croissants, and so do my boys. VIA


  1. Fun Ideas! My boys are the same.. They never buy school lunch unless it is a corn dog or chicken nuggets. :)
    And I have picky eaters. Harley is the worst! he hates turkey, Ryker hates Mayo.. I have been thinking of putting mac and cheese in a thermos or top ramen? I usually do PB and J. (Harley will only eat white bread) stinker!! I bought the squezze applesauces for this week, so we will see how they like them! Love you! KS

  2. so cute wyatt will not each a sandwich to safe his life, he'll eat the bread, turkey and cheese all separate though. Hope your kids 1st day went well - I am exhausted