Whimsical Wednesday - Ice Cream Party!

I love thinking of fun ideas that get friends and families together. I also LOVE Ice Cream.  It's Creamy, and Cold and comes in so many delish flavors.  Gelato is even better. I will never forget the day I had blood orange Gelato in Newport.  That day changed my life, yes gelato is too blame.  Anyway,  how about an Ice Cream Sundae Bar for a Party?!  Any takers?!    This idea is perfect for summer.  It's casual, simple, and inexpensive!  It's an Ice Cream Party for cryin' out loud, who wouldn't love it.   This idea could easily be tailored for adults or children or both! 
I love the idea of using paper rosettes with some bunting to decorate above the Ice Cream Bar.  Find the Tutorial on making Paper Rosettes HERE by the fabulous Amanda Parker for Shindig Parties to go. I think these would make adorable Garland.

Get creative and make a color coordinated sign that says "sundae Bar" so guests know they can help themselves.  I think putting toppings in Mason Jars would be adorable.  I would add dimension with different heights.  Adorn cake stands with the mason jars, use teird stands to hold ice cream cones, and label liquid toppings such and Fudge sauce and Caramel drizzle.  Be sure to use all types of toppings.   Some of my favorites are  Crunchy such as Walnuts and Pecans, Granola, and Chocolate Chips.  Sweet such as Fresh Berries, Sliced Bananas, and Pineapple, and lets not forget the Sprinkles(especially for kids, because to kids life is complete with sprinkles)! Using chopped Brownies and diced Chocolate chip cookies is divine also!  On the note of Ice Cream has any one tried the new summer flavor from Blue Bell, Coconut Fudge??? Oh my let me tell you it is simply irresistible.  The first time I bought it I ate half of the tub by myself.  Please do yourself a favor and go to the store ASAP and treat yourself to this delish Ice cream, Okay I digress... Enjoy some inspiration Below and have a Sensational Wednesday Lovely Ladies.  XOXO

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  1. YUM!!! I think I want to do this for the kids bday next year!