Fashion Foward Friday - "Braided Please"

Today's fashion post does not involve threads.  No, it involves Hair, and Braids, and things that are Bohemian, Chic, and effortless.  Ladies I am referring to the summer trend of the side braid.  This braid has been on runways lately across the globe.  Not only is it just stunning it is quick, easy, and looks so natural(like your not trying) which marries perfectly with the summer weather and its carefree sunny disposition.  Salons in New York and California have been quick to jump on the braided boat also.  Some salons are offering braiding services usually at around $25 and will let you choose from their braid menu.  Some requested braids have been "the Bohemian" (side braid), "the crown" (braid on forehead going horizontally), and "the skinny" ( a simple single braid(s) placed sporadically around the head).  You better believe I have been rockin this trend as of recent.  Actually at least three times a week the side braid is my go to choice.  It literally takes 5 minutes, and leaves more time for loving, laughing, creating, and baking.  Go get your braid on and have a Fantastic Friday my Loves.
XOXO Ciao!

The lovely Bachelorette who remains a California beach beauty.

LC ALWAYS possesses gorgeous locks.
Sienna Miller (one of my fashion Icons, rockin the crown... STUNNING!

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